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MIOS Hans Dampf 16cm - Karodde

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MIOS Hans Dampf 16cm - Karodde

MIOS Hans Dampf 16cm - Karodde


Product information "MIOS Hans Dampf 16cm - Karodde"

With the Hans Dampf 16 we have developed an absolute all-round bait for fishing for pike and zander. Together with the MIOS team anglers , a slightly flanking rubber fish was created that has a high-frequency vibration pattern and arouses the interest of small and large predators with its shovel tail.

The Mios Hans Dampf 16 in detail

As the name suggests, the Hans Dampf 16 is exactly 16cm long . This size has become established among anglers all over Germany as the all-round size for rubber fish for pike fishing. Because both smaller pike and large pike like this size.

Its 27g bait weight is distributed over an elliptical body. This means it has enough weight to be fished weightless, i.e. without lead weights on the jig hook .

We developed our Hans Dampf 16, like its big brother, in a very streamlined way . This has the advantage that this softbait can be fished very well in calm waters as well as in rivers or coastal waters and always shows the same running behavior.

The special features of the #HD16

His big eyes are the first thing you notice. We deliberately designed them this way because they can be fixed very well, especially by pike. In addition, thanks to the highly reflective film, they sparkle like little gems.

Of course, the predatory fish will usually fix Hans Dampf from the side. However, its two fins on the back and belly do more than just break up the contours and make them more like a fish.

The small, inconspicuous fin on the belly influences the flanking of the entire bait. The base of the dorsal fin serves as a marker for the hook exit , which ideally has a hook size of 7/0 or 8/0 (depending on the manufacturer).

With the Hans Dampf 16 we are bringing another rubber bait into play that impresses across the board with its unique vibration pattern. This excellent tail action is significantly influenced by the tail pin on the plate of the blade tail , which swings back and forth like a baton.

The right bait color for every situation

Of course, Hansi is cast in many decors. We are proud of the unique color effects that are created by hand-casting the rubber fish.

We dress our Hans Dampf 16 in very natural decors, offensive and UV-active colors, absolute pike classics and of course (as usual from Mios Lures) in all colors for sea fishing .

The decors in particular are one of the most important elements of production for us. That's why we as a team pay special attention to this and develop the decor range in close coordination with anglers all over Germany.

Handmade rubber baits from Germany

Pike anglers tell us again and again that MIOS catches. This motivates us to continue to develop each fishing lure ourselves, pour it by hand, stick the eyes on and paint it. We do what we love and love what we do: top-class pike bait!

The perfect predatory fish assembly

The #HD16 also packs a punch because it can be used on all common rigs, be it classic on a jighead , with a stinger or weightless on a shallow rig #1 . There are no limits to your imagination.

Depending on the manufacturer , lead heads 7/0 or 8/0 have proven to be a good hook size. The hook bow exits directly in front of the dorsal fin and thus guarantees the perfect hook fit with every bite.

Hansi's streamlined design also enables trolling from small or non-motorized boats . The Hans Dampf 16 builds up little water pressure and yet sends out absolutely seductive pressure waves over its tail.

The Hans Dampf 16 in action


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