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MIOS Hans Dampf 20cm - Atomic

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MIOS Hans Dampf 20cm - Atomic

MIOS Hans Dampf 20cm - Atomic


Product information "MIOS Hans Dampf 20cm - Atomic"

Experienced anglers know that pike prefer light flanking lures with high frequency tail action. Based on this knowledge, we developed the Hans Dampf, a large pike bait that was able to entice meter pike to bite several times in the first bait tests.

Hans Dampf - A top class bait for large pike

With its 20cm bait length and 50g bait weight , the Hans Dampf fits perfectly into the prey pattern of large pike .

The weight is distributed in a streamlined manner over the entire body, so that Hansi impresses with a very natural silhouette. The fins on the back and belly support this effect.

This bigbait has large eyes that sparkle even in low light conditions and offer the pike an ideal fixation point. This helps to minimize the number of malocclusions.

The tail is a very demanding area on all rubber baits and we have specifically designed this sensitive area to be voluminous. In this way, the rear area also easily accommodates a stinger or treble hook .

The secret of high-frequency vibrations

Hans Dampf emits a very special vibration pattern with his tail, the secret of which lies in the additional pin as an extension of the blade tail. Additional turbulences are created that other rubber fish do not emit.

A balanced and well thought-out color selection

For us, the bait colors are the icing on the cake and perhaps the most important element of bait production. In numerous discussions and in close coordination with experienced anglers, we have developed very special decors for Hansi.

There are very natural decors with UV accents , very offensive color patterns and of course also absolute classics from MIOS . Hans Dampf offers the right bait color for every large pike water and every weather condition.

Top quality handmade in Germany

Each Hans Dampf was cast and painted by hand . This is part of our own uncompromising quality standards for the production of perfect large pike baits. Basically, every rubber bait from MIOS is handmade and one hundred percent produced in Germany .

As a highly specialized bait manufacturer, we love our craft and from the first drafts on the notepad, to the casting, to the handmade airbrush design, everything happens in a workshop in northern Germany.

The perfect bait presentation and leadership styles

With this large pike lure, “ Hans Dampf in all alleys ” comes in the truest sense of the word, because the Hans Dampf from MIOS catches!

A jig hook with a hook size of 7/0 to 8/0 has proven to be ideal. Of course, this is only a guideline and depends on the angler's preferences, the water conditions and the bite behavior of the fish.

Hans Dampf also cut a good figure when trolling and boat fishing . Its streamlined design minimizes water resistance, making it possible to tow small boats, rowing boats or kayaks .

However, the Shallow Rig turned out to be the best rig for the MIOS Hans Dampf. Its balanced weight makes this softbait an ideal bait in shallow water and you can achieve amazing casting distances even without additional lead weights. We have therefore decided to equip every Hans Dampf 20 with a Shallow Screw.


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