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MIOS Lowla 13cm - Juicy Appleseed | 4 Stück

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MIOS Lowla 13cm - Juicy Appleseed | 4 Stück

MIOS Lowla 13cm - Juicy Appleseed | 4 Stück


Product information "MIOS Lowla 13cm - Juicy Appleseed without eyes"

Why without eyes? Quite simply, we want to give everyone the opportunity to be creative when it comes to gluing their eyes. All you need is a few 10mm 3D eyes, rubber fish eye glue and degreaser.

Before gluing the 3D eyes, make sure that the areas to be glued are free of grease ! For this you can use nail polish remover containing acetone, acetone or isopropanol.

The visual change of the Lowla 13cm

As you can see in the photos, our Lowla 13cm has changed visually. We decided to create a more flowing transition at the tail root, taking a little bit of the width and giving it some height. This gives the Lowla 13cm a seductive run and offers even less resistance when sucking in the bait.

The MIOS Lowla 13 in detail

With a bait length of 13cm and a bait weight of 15g, the Lowla is the perfect all-round size. Zander, pike and perch can suck in this slim softbait with almost no resistance. Even very careful and experienced predators will not let this bait pass them by.

We deliberately designed the tail to be very slim. This means it flickers faster and the action starts even at low retrieve speeds or in low currents. This also makes this rubber fish an excellent vertical bait.

The special something of the Lowla 13

Like all GuFis from MIOS, the Lowla is 100% handmade in Germany in the MIOS bait factory. Due to production reasons, there may be slight differences in colors and particles within a variant.

And we are proud that every plastisol bait is free of toxic plasticizers (PAH-free) and is approved for food contact.

The perfect low-action montage

Whether on a 3/0 to 5/0 jig hook in fresh water or a 7/0 or 8/0 lead head in salt water , the Lowla is not affected in its easy-flanking movement.

In any case, the Lowla offers enough length for a stinger rig with a #4 to #6 treble hook, even with very sharp-biting predators. In this way, bad bites are significantly minimized and it doesn't affect the great run, because #lowlaruns


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