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MIOS Lowlita 3" - Electric Chicken | 9 pcs

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MIOS Lowlita 3" - Electric Chicken | 9 pcs

MIOS Lowlita 3" - Electric Chicken | 9 pcs


Product information "MIOS Lowlita 3" - Electric Chicken | 9 pcs"

The MIOS Lowlita 3" is a low action rubber fish that leaves particularly high-frequency pressure waves in the water thanks to its special tail shape. The Mios Lowlita 3" was designed for fishing for perch and zander , but it also doesn't disdain trout , pollock , pollack and cod .

The Mios Lowlita 3" in detail

Bait length 7.6cm/3"
Weight 2.5g
Running characteristics Lively, high frequency
sinking phase quickly / very quickly
Deployment area Rivers, rivers with strong currents, lakes
Jig head size in freshwater #1 - 2/0
Jig head size in saltwater 3/0
material Soft and very robust phthalate-free rubber compound
Special feature

Flavored and salted
(more salt in the stomach for a better center of gravity)

Fishing methods Jigging, laying in, various finesse rigs
Contents 9 pieces

The right bait color for every situation

Of course, like our other models, the Mios Lowlita 3" is cast in many decors. We are proud of the unique color effects that are created by shooting the rubber fish by hand.

The Mios Lowlita 3" is available in very natural, muted and highly UV-active colors available.

Electric Chicken:

Perch and zander anglers all over Europe have the "electric broiler" in their box! This highly UV-active paint is always used when cloudy water makes it difficult for predators to see and especially at dusk when there are a lot of UV rays in the atmosphere!

Tip: If the bites slow down to yellow/green or you want to fish something "different" than your colleagues, definitely try the Electric Chicken and catch the fish that the others are fishing past.

The Mios Lowlita 3" (7.6cm) in action

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