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MIOS Slaps 12cm - Baars Orange

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MIOS Slaps 12cm - Baars Orange

MIOS Slaps 12cm - Baars Orange


Product information "MIOS Slaps 12cm - Baars Orange"

The MIOS Slaps 12cm is a classic shovel tail rubber fish that leaves special movement patterns and extra strong pressure waves in the water thanks to its long tail root and the 60° vertical large tail.

The Mios Slaps 12cm particularly appeals topike , cod and zander .

The Mios Slaps in detail

Bait length 12cm
Weight 9.5g
Special feature Curved for better fit on the jighead
Running characteristics Swinging, strong flanking with extra pressure
sinking phase Long, with big tail
Deployment area Rivers with low currents, lakes and salt water
Jig head size in freshwater 4/0-5/0
Jig head size in saltwater 4/0-6/0
material Soft and very robust non-toxic rubber compound
Fishing methods Jigging, laying in
Contents 4 pieces

The difference

between slaps and beans is the size of the tail with the same body structure. The idea behind it is that you can use the slap to create more pressure and a longer sinking phase with the same jig head weight. If a short sinking phase is needed, use the Beans .

Shoveltailtails overview

The right bait color for every situation

Of course, like our other models, the Mios Slaps 12cm is cast in many decors. We are proud of the unique color effects that are created by shooting the rubber fish by hand.

The Mios Slaps 12cm is available in very natural, muted, highly UV-active and of course, as we are used to, in all the important colors for sea fishing .

Baars Orange ,

is THE natural color with subtle UV accents. It is a must for hunting large bass and zander , which is used successfully in clear weather and wide visibility in the water. With original pigments from the USA!

The Mios Slaps 12cm in action

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